39 uses for a wife

Though at first glance this book seems very sexist, it is actually a pretty adorable book to read ( there are no complete sentences by the way ) and hardly demeaning towards women. It illustrates all the hard work that women put into making their relationships with their families work.


ALS Challenge - News Anchor Nominates Everyone, Everywhere

Lincoln Humphries, an Australian news anchor, nominates everyone, everywhere for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Americans Get a Taste of Filipino Snacks for the First Time

This is a video of a bunch of westerners trying out Filipino snacks for the first time.


They forgot to try LaLa

Photo from Jeannycdj


Couple Fell to Their Deaths While Taking Selfies

A couple from Poland fell to their deaths while allegedly trying to take "selfies". The Polish couple, along with their children, was on vacation in Portugal when the couple attempted to take "selfies" and fell from a cliff in Cabo de Roca. Their children are now in custody of Polish Diplomats.


Hard Work - US Army Cadence

This is an hour long US Army Cadence... I actually listen to this while I am "working out".

Kinda pumps me up.